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  1. You are allowed to create courses online which does not touch on any sensitive issues such as race, religion, gender discrimination, politics, offensive content and the list is not exhausted based on the discretion and review of 0n9trainers.
  2. All courses before publication will be review in order to ensure the content is appropriate for viewers of any age group.
  3. Payment for all courses based on 80/20 (80% of the purchase price to you and the 20% will be to us) concept will be credited into your bank account with a credit time of 30 days for the time of the course purchased.
  4. An annual subscription of USD100 will be charged.
  5. The copyrights and ownership of all materials and content posted by you is reserved at your end. On9trainers does not take any rights for materials posted under your name or your company name. However for the purpose of issuance of e-certificate for corporate only, on9trainers will proceed to issue with the clause “on Behalf”
  6. On9trainers is not liable for any content and videos posted by you or your company and will not take reasonability in the event of any legal proceeding.
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