On9trainers Introduction

On9trainers Introduction

On9trainers Introduction

Course Objectives

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Course Outlines

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Target Audience

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What is it about?

Creating video or promotion product for public viewing and purchasing. Allows you to upload video for free or for purchase.

What is the benefit for you?

  1. You able to teach online
  2. Alternative earning or even as a main stream earning
  3. Reduce physical marketing and increases digital marketing
  4. Able to promote your video
  5. Able to be access by any part of the world-beyond borders
  6. Linked to corporate web page for corporate to purchase your videos in bulk.
Referrrence URL: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1H0a4Tfg8zXAs5z-JjclAvWK5mTIDpy4_

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