Life is a Choice

Life is a Choice

Life is a Choice

Course Objectives

Making Good Choices

Course Outlines

Choices Everywhere! As soon as you get out of bed, you're faced with choices. What do you want for breakfast? What will you wear to school? Some choices are simple and easy. Other choices are more challenging because they have a big impact on your life. This means they'll affect you for a length of time after you make the choice. It's important to think carefully and ask yourself some questions to decide if a choice you're making is good or bad.


Believe it or not, you make decisions that affect your health every day. Your body needs good food, exercise and lots of water so good choices are important. While that cupcake or soda may seem delicious, will they make your body stronger and healthier? Not at all! Choose vegetables, fruits, and water to drink to have a healthy body.

Target Audience


Here are 7 important life lessons. Getting to know and understand these can make a big difference in creating a balanced lifestyle for yourself. Remember making positive choices is one of the most crucial life skills you can ever master.

1. The world does not owe you a living.
You have to make your own way in life and no one can live your life for you. Learn to stand on your own feet as soon as possible. Becoming independent and steering your own course means you will be able to progress in life positively.

2. Be Yourself
It’s a good thing to learn lessons and life skills from other people. When emulating others become somewhat of an obsession you may be trying to opt out of facing the ‘true you’. Overcoming personal obstacles is a part of everyone’s life challenges. The sooner you learn to master yourself the quicker you will move on.

3. Learn to make unpopular choices
Try to make life choices that will improve your standing as a person. This may mean making some unpopular decisions sometimes. Always following the crowd because it’s the easy thing to do can lead you into a dead end. Sometimes you have to say ‘No’.

4 Work on your life skills
One of the big fears in life is public speaking. There are a number of other life skills equally as important such as communication, financial discipline, problem solving, managing skills etc. Mastering these skills in spite of personal fears is a critical part of being successful. Make up your own list of life skills that you believe you will need to enhance your life. Take courses, read books but move ahead with your personal development.

5. Have Faith
To believe in yourself is one of the hardest things in life especially when we are constantly bombarded with images of beautiful and successful people. Work hard at building up your self confidence as life can play rough sometimes.

6. Keep looking backwards
You need to take time to look backwards and see how far you have come. You can easily forget the progress you have made especially when something batters your self confidence. Knowing how far you have developed often helps to re-build confidence for the next hurdle.

7. Get up and get up again
You will fail at some things – this is a certainty. There is no shame in that everyone, even the most successful sometimes make bad decision or lose a crucial match. Learning to be resilient after a failure is the life skill successful people have learnt. You need to get over it and move on an adventure is waiting for you ahead.

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