Employee Retention

Employee Retention

Employee Retention

Course Objectives

This is brief video on the importance of retaining your employee. This is a custom made program, for further details please send email to [email protected] 1. Understanding skills are important for organization growth 2. Create career path for employee 3. To be able to create support system for employee

Course Outlines

Module 1 : Employees and Organization Module 2: Industry challenges in hiring process Module 3: Creating engagement Module 4: Understanding the challenges among employee and how to deal with it Module 5: Employee resistance - what is in it for me? Module 6: Managing employee


Able to reducing the hiring cost and training new recruit cost.

Target Audience

HR Managers Supervisors Head of Departments

Referrrence URL: https://youtu.be/HMrrPs39I3Y

Course Intro Video

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